New Volvo V90 Bi-Fuel Coming to Belgium

| Sweden and Belgium

Volvo V90 Bi-Fuel 2017First deliveries of the new Volvo V90 Bi-Fuel in Belgium will be provided from May 2017. The Volvo is based on the same engine technology as its predecessors Volvo V60 and V70 Bi-Fuel and is the alt-fuel choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly alternative in the premium class. Orders are being accepted now.

The new Volvo V90 Bi-Fuel rolls off the line at the Volvo Cars factory in Torslanda, in Gothenburg municipality. The finish then takes place at Westport, the company with which Volvo Cars cooperates to build Bi-Fuel cars. The model will be available with the same trim levels as the other variants of the new Volvo V90.

The Bi-Fuel version of the new Volvo V90 is based on Volvo Cars’ own T5 petrol engine with four-cylinder that produces 254 hp and 350 Nm of torque and comes with 8-speed automatic transmission.

The Volvo V90 Bi-Fuel has a natural gas tank of 18 kg, which gives an operating range of 400 kilometers. In addition, the car has a conventional fuel tank of 55 liters. Although yet to be confirmed, the consumption figures for the new Volvo V90 Bi-Fuel are expected to be at the same level as that of its predecessor, the Volvo V70. That means 125 g CO2 emissions for CNG and 40 g CO2 emissions for driving on 100% renewable natural gas (RNG) / biomethane.

(Source: Volvo)

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