New U.S. Multi-State Multi-Fuel Operater Adds CNG Fueling Infrastructure

| USA, Indianapolis IN

Indiana-based CountryMark, an oil exploration, production, refining and marketing company, plans to add Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to its lineup of American-made transportation fuels at existing and new CountryMark-branded fueling stations, equipping the stations with fast-fill CNG dispensers.

There are more than 100 CountryMark-branded fueling stations in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. “As we look at future Midwestern transportation fuel needs, we feel confident it will include CNG, and we and our branded dealers are excited about building the CNG infrastructure needed to bring this reliable and domestically produced fuel to the marketplace in the most convenient and cost-effective manner possible,” said CountryMark President and CEO Charlie Smith.

“Based on conversations with a variety of Midwestern fleet managers, we see a sustainable and growing demand for CNG, especially among high-mileage fleet customers. However, for many small and medium-size fleets, installing private CNG fueling infrastructure may not make economic sense. In these situations, CountryMark and our branded dealers can use our business-to-business fueling expertise to make CNG available to the public in the most convenient and cost-effective manner possible,” added CountryMark Vice President of Marketing Jon Lantz.

(Source: CountryMark)

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