New Gas Industries’ HRA for NGVs Shows Promise

| USA, Covington LA

New Gas Industries, LLC (NGI), a technology development company, is commencing the next phase of development of its Home Refueling Apparatus (HRA) for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs). The New Gas HRA has successfully undergone testing and process validation at the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), started in 2013. Since the successful process validation using their current prototype, NGI has been working with CSA to develop specifications for the certification of their HRAs.

Testing has been funded by GTI’s Utilization Technology Development, LLC NFP Group — a collaboration of 18 natural gas local distribution companies at the forefront of research, development, and deployment for end-use equipment and appliances–to help identify near-term opportunities to introduce a new cost-effective and reliable HRA product into the North American marketplace that can improve on incumbent technologies.

The patent application, published 26 September 2013, refers in part to: “One embodiment provides a refueling method and apparatus that may be manufactured significantly less expensively than those of the prior art in a compact, modular form, and that is adapted to be connected to a user’s residential natural gas or other gaseous fuel supply system.”

Tony Lindsay, GTI’s Director of Research & Development, Advanced Energy Systems, says “GTI testing of the New Gas HRA demonstrated expected performance during testing. It shows promise for attractive economics, and is scalable for small fleet applications.”

According to Harry Bruns, New Gas’ Manager of Operations, the New Gas patent pending process will provide both significant cost and operational efficiencies superior to any HRA currently on the market. “Our testing has validated a process by which we believe we can deliver up to 80 gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) per week in the home utilizing only a 1 HP compressor that requires just a standard household power supply of 110 volts,” Bruns said. “Furthermore, we plan to scale up the HRA technology to address the under served market of fleets between 5 and 15 vehicles at a price point far more attractive than anything currently on the market.”

NGI is also in the process of selecting a mass production manufacturer with the goal of bringing the HRA and small fleet units to market in 2015.

(Source: New Gas Industries, LLC)

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