New Fiat Siena Tetra Fuel comes with Incentives for Taxi Operators

| Brazil, Recife | Source: vrum

Fiat Grand Siena Tetra Fuel MY 2013

Last week in Recife, Brazil, the managing director of Fiat Chrysler Financial for Latin America, Pablo di Si was joined by the Governor of the state of Pernambuco, Eduardo Campos, and representatives of government and the Copergás Taxi Drivers’ Union to unveil the new Grand Siena Tetra Fuel, a Fiat model that is unique to the country, reports vrum. The 1.4 liter 75 hp Siena, which  can operate on gasoline, ethanol, alcohol and compressed natural gas (CNG), was presented as an incentivised alternative for taxi operators wanting to use CNG.

The Fiat Siena Tetra Fuel is being offered to taxi operators at a significantly discounted price of BRL 32,000 (USD 15,800), down from the standard retail price of  BRL 42,000 (USD 20,800). One reason given for the price reduction is to encourage operators to replace old taxis with new cleaner operating vehicles. Currently, the state has a fleet of about 3,500 taxis.

Additional incentive was announced by Governor Campos, who has authorised a fuel discount of BRL 0.15 on the purchase of natural gas from any of the State’s 73 CNG filling stations. According to the governor, the discount will save the taxi operator more than BRL 1,000 (USD 495) per year.

Both measures have been made possible by the Governor’s approval to subtract State Goods and Services tax on the value of the car and fuel.

Di Si reportedly said at the event that the more environmentally friendly taxis will help make the city of Recife, Pernambuco’s capital city, a greener venue for the 2014 World Cup.

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