Natural Gas Dominates US Fleet Survey

Kenworth T440 natural gas - Kwik Trip fleet

Kenworth T440 natural gas – Kwik Trip fleet

Clean Energy Fuels, a company dedicated to changing the way North America fuels its vehicles, has extrapolated information from the recently published “Top 50 Green Fleets of 2014” published by Heavy Duty Trucking. The article did not include leased fleets such as those provided by natural gas advocate Ryder Systems, but nevertheless served to demonstrate the dominance of natural gas as the alternative fuel of choice for fleet operators.

“The Heavy Duty Trucking Top 50 Green Fleets of 2015 were honored for their industry leadership in sustainability. We share their commitment to green logistics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) and commend those honored for their leadership,” writes Patric Rayburn for Clean Energy.

Clean Energy's table of HD fleet fuels“Of the alternative fuels used, natural gas is the clear leader. This trend is even more pronounced among the private fleets honored, nearly all are fueling with natural gas in some capacity, using compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) or both.”

Clean Energy refuels many of these industry leaders utilizing natural gas trucks.

(Source: Clean Energy)

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