More CNG Stations for Central Bolivia

| Bolivia, Cochabamba | Source: HidrocarburosBolivia

Yacimientos Petrol√≠feros Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB), Bolivia’s state-owned and operated petrol company, has opened a new service station in Ivirgarzama, a small town in the Department of Cochabamba, reports HidrocarburosBolivia. The new fuelling facility includes a compressed natural gas (CNG) compressor with storage capacity of 1,200m3 and two islands with CNG dispensers. YPFB will market the alternative fuel for the first time in this region. Additionally, YPFB has said it will open another CNG facility at Villa Tunari, 63 kms further west on the Chile-Bolivia-Brazil bioceanic transportation corridor, in August.

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