Momentum Fuel Technologies Introduces New CNG Systems

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Momentum Fuel Technologies, a Texas-based compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system solutions provider has used Waste Expo 2017 to introduce three products that improve CNG vehicle performance of Class 6-8 vehicles. These include a 115 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) tailgate system, CNG fuel management drop-in module, and live CNG vehicle data and fuel usage reports using Geotab’s fleet management solution.

Live Data

Geotab has developed a fleet management solution that incorporates support for CNG fuel level and temperature on all Momentum Fuel Technologies’ fueling tanks and systems, delivering a system already available for conventional fuels. This integration addresses the industry’s limited ability to use telematics to report CNG level from the vehicle for accurate fuel level readings. With a limited network of CNG stations and an average slow-fill CNG vehicle fill up taking eight to 10 hours, this insight into how much fuel a vehicle actually receives can help enable increased vehicle uptime, timely deliveries and reduce anxiety around fuel levels for fleet managers and drivers.

“The ability to support these parameters allows fleets to combat driver range anxiety in addition to providing accurate fuel usage reports by vehicle, allowing them to understand fuel usage by vehicle or by driver,” said Scott Sutarik, Associate VP, Commercial Vehicle Solutions.

Together, Momentum Fuel Technologies and Geotab developed the integration using Geotab’s patented curve logic algorithm to receive high-resolution data via the vehicle’s diagnostic port.  The Geotab GO device transmits data from Momentum Fuel Technologies systems via cellular networks, delivering comprehensive reports and dashboards to readily and easily visualize trends and monitor levels.

Fuel Management Module (FMM)

Momentum Fuel Technologies is now offering a Fuel Management Module (FMM) Drop-In Replacement for many FMMs on the market. Housing the electronics, fuel filter and fuel-fill receptacles, the new product features custom bolt-on brackets to match most existing bolt holes.  “Our product was designed to easily integrate with systems as a direct replacement for other, less efficient FMMs on the market for heavy- and medium-duty vehicles,” said Mike Zimmerman, General Manager, Momentum Fuel Technologies.

Momentum’s new FMM is also able to integrate with the vehicle’s J1939 communication network, providing improvements to engine and fuel system diagnostics, as well as improved driver feedback.  The available in-dash digital gauge provides highly-accurate fuel readings, reduces range anxiety and provides accurate distance-to-empty information to drivers.

The system focuses on fuel efficiency with a Parker HP Regulator with integrated coalescing filter, which allow trucks to operate at a lower fuel pressure and use more of the fuel in their system.  It also includes a manifold base design and NGV1 and HD fast-fill receptacles and is equipped with a highly-durable piston-style single-stage regulator, integrated heat exchanger and proprietary poppet technology.  It is optimized to operate in extreme environmental conditions while maintaining high flow across the full operating range of CNG vehicles.

For enhanced driver and technician safety, the system is easy to monitor and service.  High-pressure and low-pressure gauges are easy to see, with pressure lines colored for easy identification.

Tailgate System

The 115 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) tailgate system, which increases fuel capacity, improves safety and has a lower profile, has been designed for refuse trucks.

Momentum’s tailgate system was designed for E-Z Pack (a Kentucky-based refuse hauler solutions provider), which had previously used five- and six-tank tailgate systems on its refuse bodies. “We set out to design a system for E-Z Pack that could contain the same or increased fuel capacity as their old system but with reduced weight, to keep costs in check,” said Zimmerman. “We were able to increase capacity from 105DGE to 115DGE using only three tanks, and this system is 400 pounds lighter than E-Z Pack’s previous system.” The system is designed to be scalable, with a smaller, two-tank 75DGE system available as well.

With safety and convenience in mind, the system features a visible pressure gauge so drivers and technicians can see the pressure in the tank from ground level. The system’s tanks are at least seven feet off the ground with a steel guard structure around the base, designed to be safer in the event of a rear impact.  Further, the tailgate system keeps a lower profile than other CNG configurations, for enhanced safety of refuse vehicles.

All E-Z Pack units include the vertical fuel management module (FMM), which houses the electronics, fuel filter and fuel-fill receptacles and works in conjunction with the Rush Truck Centers’ telematics platform, allowing fleet managers to monitor usage and manage fuel consumption.  The vertical FMM is narrower than the version used in other Momentum configurations, taking up less valuable space on smaller truck bodies.

All Momentum products feature a fuel pressure regulator with a high-capacity filter manufactured by Parker.  This allows the system to operate from 3600 pounds per square inch (PSI) when full to a minimum of 230 PSI, so drivers can go even further on a tank of fuel.  The pressure regulator is designed to reduce leak points and weight, and the high-capacity filter is larger and designed to be serviced less frequently than competitive products.

E-Z Pack truck bodies featuring Momentum’s tailgate system are available and ready for delivery.

Momentum Fuel Technologies is a member of NGVAmerica and associate member of NGV Global.

(Source: Momentum Fuel Technologies)

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