Miskolc in Hungary to Replace Aged Diesel with 75 MAN CNG Buses

| Hungary, Miskolc

MAN Lions City CNG 2014

MAN Bus won a tender late 2014 to supply 75 Compressed Natural Gas buses to Miskolc, the fourth biggest city of Hungary. The contract comprises 40 single and 35 articulated MAN Lions City buses which will be delivered to Miskolc City Transport (MVK) later this year.

MVK operates trams and about 100 diesel buses, of which 75 will be consigned to the junk yard when the CNG buses are commissioned.

The Hungarian NGV Association — Magyar Gázüzemű Közlekedés Klaszter Egyesület (MGKKE) — has nurtured this project since 2011, when it started to develop a governmental subsidy for the CNG buses and pushed the city of Miskolc to upgrade their aging fleet. Henrik Domanovszky, MGKKE president, explained to NGV Global the Government is funding 30% of the project. The contract will be finalised when the city gives final approval to the purchase, expected early February.

The acquisition of the cleaner-operating CNG buses, rated Euro VI, will significantly reduce pollution of the city and its surroundings. In fact, fhe subsidy organised by the Government is derived from surplus of the CO2 quota.

Additionally, the municipality has a plan to explore using biogas as a vehicle fuel from their own collected biomass source.

At the same time, MVK has finalised a procurement procedure for constructing a 6-lane filling station for the bus fleet and for other city contractors who are being encouraged to convert their vehicles to natural gas operation, and two lanes for the general public –  a first for Miskolc. The >1400 Nm3/h capacity station is planned to be operational within 6 months.

(Surce: MGKKEo)

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