MGM Resorts Delivers Luxury with CNG Cadillac Limousines

| USA, Las Vegas UT

MGM's Cadillac Stretch Limo with CNG powerMGM Resorts International (MGM) and World CNG, an alternative fuel technology provider, have introduced the United States’ first compressed natural gas (CNG) Cadillac XTS limousines. The 22-foot-long luxury vehicles are the third generation of CNG-fueled limousines and vehicles in the MGM Resorts fleet.

The Cadillac XTS limousines are 70 inches longer than traditional limos, giving them the designation of “stretch” limos. They are the first XTS limousines certified by Cadillac and the first-ever Cadillac XTS vehicles to be converted to CNG. The new limousines produce only one-ninth of the emissions when compared to their predecessors, the discontinued gasoline-powered Lincoln Town Car limousines.

“In addition to providing the highest standards in guest service, it’s essential that we continuously look to challenge the status quo in environmental sustainability,” said Paul Berry, Vice President of Hotel Operations for ARIA Resort & Casino.¬†ARIA was the first resort in the company to introduce the luxury vehicle to its fleet. MGM Resorts currently has 31 CNG Cadillac XTS limousines servicing guests at ARIA, Bellagio Resort & Casino, MGM Grand Las Vegas and Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.

“The CNG Cadillac limousines set a new standard for sustainability, safety, and technology for livery fleets,” said Garret Alpers, President and Chief Executive Officer of World CNG. “These one-of-a-kind vehicles are the product of MGM Resorts International’s passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship.”

The new Cadillac XTS limousines will join a family of other CNG vehicles in MGM Resorts’ luxury transportation portfolio. CityCenter introduced the world’s first full fleet of CNG-powered limos when it opened in 2009 based on the Lincoln Town Car limousine.

In 2013, World CNG, in partnership with MGM Resorts, introduced the nation’s first commercial fleet of CNG Cadillac Escalades.

(Source: MGM)

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