Vehicle Transporter Considers Natural Gas Fuel in Mexico

| Mexico, Mexico City | Source: T21

Mexico_Lar-Mex flotilla-tractores-camiones 2016 smMexican transportation company LarMex Transport (Transportes Lar-Mex), specialising in the transportation of motor vehicles, is considering the adoption of trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). It has commenced in-field testing and will make a later determination regarding acquisition, reports T21.

Gerardo Garza Martinez, managing director for Larmex, explained his company is currently conducting risk assessment and infrastructure analysis, as well as learning from other natural gas fleets, which may lead to the building of their own refuelling facilities.

Although the return on investment will take some time and require runs of 250,000 to 300,000 kilometers, Larmex is also committed to reducing the impact of transportation emissions on the environment.

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