MB Econic Delivers in Logistics Pilot

| Netherlands, Rotterdam | Source: TTM

MB Econic on supermarket deliveries

A Rotterdam pilot project organised by Sustainable Logistics (Duurzame Logistiek) Connekt, utilising a Mercedes-Benz Econic, has been successfully completed, reports TTM. Tested at various stages of the project, the Econic was found to emit, on average, 17% less CO2 than a comparable diesel vehicle while retaining positive driving characteristics. The Econic travelled 65,000 kms without technical incident.

The project goal was to show that a compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelled urban delivery vehicle, used in the project for deliveries to Albert Heijn supermarkets by distributor Simon Loos, can operate as reliably and effectively as a comparable diesel vehicle while reducing particulate matter and NOx emissions.  The natural gas Econic has been developed for the Peak-light standard with a noise level of only 72 dB (A), similar to a car; a typical diesel vehicle produces 83 dB (A).

Connekt is an independent network of companies and governments, which commits the parties to work in good faith to improve sustainable mobility in the Netherlands.

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