Luxfer Type IV Cylinders Selected by Mainstay

| USA, Piedmont SC

Mainstay Fuel Technologies - Truck (sm)Mainstay Fuel Technologies, Inc., specializing in designing, engineering and producing CNG fuel-delivery systems, has opted for Luxfer Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinders for its heavy duty truck onboard fuel systems. The selected product, the Gen2 G-STOR® Go Type 4 cylinders, consists of a Luxfer-manufactured aluminium liner fully over-wrapped with aerospace-grade carbon fibre.

According to Mainstay CEO Rod Grandy, Mainstay will use these Luxfer products , complete with G-Flo® valves and related technologies, exclusively in their new generation of systems. “The market-leading weight and capacity attributes of Luxfer’s G-STOR Go cylinders gives us greater design flexibility to customize the range, weight and durability features of our systems,” he said.

Luxfer will also provide cylinder and valve engineering and product support related to Mainstay’s efforts in the heavy-duty over-the-road truck channel. “The cost of on-board fuel systems has been a factor in the adoption of CNG in this space, and the supply channel has been working diligently to lower the cost of these systems and to better match system ranges to actual fleet requirements,” Grandy said. “Working closely with Luxfer gives us the ability to leverage their best-in-class cylinders and related technologies into our systems to meet industry price points and to continue innovating with new system configurations and capabilities.”

Mark Lawday, Luxfer Business Development Director for the alternative fuel market, commented: “We are pleased to be developing our long-standing relationship with Mainstay and supplying them with our new GEN2 G-Stor Go cylinders and G-Flo valves. For more than 50 years, Luxfer has specialized in reducing cylinder weight while ensuring the highest levels of safety, durability and performance.”

(Source: Mainstay Fuel Technologies, Inc.)

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