LR AiP for SWS Newcastlemax Design Incorporating LNG Fuel

| United Kingdom: London

Presentation of the Approval in Principle (AiP) to Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd (SWS) was made by Lloyd’s Register (LR) at Posidonia 2018. SWS and LR have agreed to jointly develop an LNG dual-fuelled Newcastlemax 210K DWT bulk carrier design.

SWS produced the design and updated it to incorporate LNG propulsion, based on their existing conventional 210K DWT bulk carrier. LR provided assistance and support, in terms of the LNG fuel system application and verifying the design against the IGF code, LR’s Gas Fuelled Rules as well as other relevant applicable standards.

SWS has become a very experienced designer and builder of Newcastlemax bulk carriers in recent years – their design is well established, and now they have chosen to work together with LR to improve it and benefit from LR’s experience of incorporating LNG as a fuel options.

Dr Chen Gang, Commercial Director of SWS, commented: “SWS has an extensive reference list for designing and building large Capesize bulk carriers. The experience and know-how that has been built to-date has been utilised to develop this latest world class design – LNG-powered Newcastlemax bulk carrier. This design enables the lowest possible fuel consumption and allows owners to select a design that will meet the future SOx emission challenge.”

Presenting the AiP, Nick Brown, LR’s Marine & Offshore Director, said: “It’s been an exciting project where we are delighted to have been able to support SWS in incorporating LNG as a fuel option.”

Source: LR

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