Long-Distance Big Rigs in US to Haul 80,000 lb with LNG

| USA, New Braunfels TX

ULNG truck with ISX12G engine 2015-croppedTexas-based Universal LNG Solutions Inc. has rolled out the first four trucks in a fleet of 95 liquefied natural gas (LNG) big rigs at the campus of Sancus Energy, an LNG technology developer. The 95 tractor-trailer trucks are able to haul 80,000 pounds (36.3 tonne) of goods for more than 700 miles per fill-up.

(See endnote)

fleet, which will ship goods throughout Texas and the surrounding states during a two-month pilot program between Universal LNG Solutions (ULNG) and key partners, will demonstrate how trucking companies can lower costs while reducing their carbon footprint using clean LNG engines. The fleet will be serviced through UNLG’s network of stations.

ULNG is expanding its on-road commercial fleet and enlisting key partners, including Sancus, to join the effort to grow the field of LNG-fuelled applications. Among the key partners in this effort are LA Freightliner/Velocity Group, the largest Freightliner dealership in the country and the exclusive LNG on-road equipment sales and servicing partner of ULNG.

Utilizing ULNG’s unique LNG re-conditioning technology and the Westport’s unique fuel system can eliminate venting from the truck’s LNG tank under regular truck usage, achieving a “non-venting” fleet status. This will allow fleet operators to effectively consume the energy purchased without venting back to the station or into the atmosphere.

(Source: ULNG)

ENDNOTE: This article previously stated that Universal LNG Solutions was the first transportation company to have LNG tractors that can carry 80,000 lbs. and go the distance of 800 miles (as per ULNG Press Release). Stephen Silverman, COO of Raven Transport, subsequently informed NGV Global his company has had LNG-Powered Peterbilt tractors carrying up to 54,750 lbs. of payload at 80,000 lbs. gross up to 790 miles for 18 months. “Currently we run 69 day cabs in this dedicated format. Raven also now has the first 75 (of soon to be 115) LNG-powered Peterbilt 579 model sleepers capable of carrying 80,000 lbs. gross distance up to 1,050 miles. Our Partners is this endeavor are: Rush Peterbilt, Clean Energy, Cummins Westport & Chart.” June 3, 2015

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