LNG Powered Yachts on Trinity’s Horizon

| USA, Gulfport MS

Last October, Harvey Gulf International Marine, a New Orleans offshore supply and towing company, awarded Trinity Offshore LLC a contract to build two 302-foot offshore supply vessels powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) – that order has since been raised to four. Using the same technology John Dane III, president and CEO of Trinity Yachts LLC and Trinity Offshore LLC, is now able to offer LNG-powered super yachts, reports Trade Only today.

A minimum length of 180 feet and a displacement hull are required to accommodate the elongated fuel storage tanks. Trinity employs Wartsila dual-fuel engines for its vessels, enabling them to meet Tier 3 emission standards in the North American Emission Control Area, effective from 2016.

LNG is fast becoming a preferred fuel for marine vessels, able to deliver the same performance as diesel-powered engines but with significant reduction in omissions: 80% less nitrogen oxide, eliminates sulfur oxide, 20% less carbon dioxide and no particulates.

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