LNG-Powered Polaris Icebreaker Begins Sea Trials

| Finland, Helsinki

Polaris by Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Inc. 2016 ready for sea trialsThe Finnish Transport Agency’s new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-powered icebreaker Polaris has completed outfitting and is now on her first sea trial, sailing from Arctech Helsinki Shipyard on 22 April. The trial is part of the test use of the ship, which is done to assure the functionality of the vessel before delivery.

The main purpose of the vessel is icebreaking and assisting of vessels in ice conditions, but she will also be able to perform oil spill response operations, emergency towing and rescue operations under demanding conditions at open sea all year round. It has also been designed for 50 years of service life.

The icebreaker will use both low sulphur diesel and LNG as its fuel, which diminishes its emissions and operation costs. Polaris will be the most environmentally friendly icebreaker in the world.

(Source: Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Inc.)

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