LNG Maritime Infrastructure Project Gets Underway

| Europe
DMA signs contract to commence work

DMA signs with SSPA and ÅF

The Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) is heading an EU project with the aim to make recommendations for creating a framework for the establishment of a maritime LNG infrastructure in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel. The framework, involving the fulfilment of a feasibility study and test of recommendations, is to be considered along two dimensions: a “hard” dimension with maritime LNG filling stations and a “soft” one with regulation, classification rules and industrial standards and cooperation, etc. DMA has commenced work with the appointment of two Swedish companies that are to contribute to the feasibility study, namely ÅF and SSPA.

The project has been formed in response to the recent IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulation on shipping sets limits on sulphur and nitrogen oxide emissions from 2010, 2015 and 2016 (the 2016 provisions).

The recommendations are to target central stakeholders for the establishment and use of an LNG infrastructure encompassing technical as well as economic issues. Central stakeholders mean shipowners, ports, LNG providers, industry organizations, states, the EU and the IMO, etc.

The EU project description states that the use of LNG seems an obvious alternative to meet the environmental demands in a competitive way. But the absence of an LNG infrastructure for supplying LNG to ships that is supported by regulation, industry standards, etc. does not make this alternative viable. The recommendations will address LNG infrastructure from a supply chain point of view, from the reception of LNG and/or liquefaction of natural gas from the natural gas grid, via storage and distribution of LNG to the use of LNG in ships for propulsion.

The project is co-financed by the EU and is strategic in relation to the implementation of Motorways of the Seas according to article 12A of the TEN-T (Trans-European Network) Guidelines on Motorways of the Seas.

DMA advises the first Reference Group meeting will be held 17 June 2011 in Brussels and everyone is welcome to join the group. Intending participants need to email DMA’s Mogens Schrøder Bech at mb@dma.dk, preferably before 1 June for practical reasons.

This article primarily compiled using information from a Danish Maritime Authority press release.

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