Liquiline Awarded E.ON Contract for New LCNG Station in Stockholm

| Norway and Sweden

Liquiline LCNG storage vessels

Norway’s Bergen-based gas technology company Liquiline has entered into a second contract with E.ON, one of the world’s largest private energy companies, for the delivery of a new type of LCNG gas filling station for cars and taxis in Stockholm, Sweden. The new contract, signed with E.ON Biofor Sverige AB, calls for the design, delivery and commissioning of the LCNG station before handing over to E.ON for operation. As with the first contract, Liquiline will also this time deliver an “LCNG solution”, i.e. a station where the gas is supplied and stored in liquefied form and then converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) at a pressure of about 300 bar before being delivered to cars and taxis.

Compared with the previous contract, the technical solution for this second filling station has been further redesigned in regards to redundancy, high uptime and ease of operation. The solution is newly developed by Liquiline.

Day Lilletvedt, CEO and founder of Liquiline, explains, “We are on track in relation to delivering the first station to be commissioned 1Q2012, and have in the midst of this project already gained the confidence to deliver also the next station.”

Lilletvedt further says that, “This agreement is an important step in internationalising Liquiline and to reaffirm our position as a specialist in transport and storage of liquefied gases. Based on the contract situation and the offers and requests we have out in the market place we are set for a growth of 2-300% compared to last year”.

In addition to this being a technology and energy project, it is also an environmental project. That cars and taxis in Stockholm can use biomethane/natural gas instead of gasoline and diesel fuel helps to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2), acid rain (NOx) emissions and local pollutants (SOx and particulate matter).

Liquiline develops and delivers solutions and services for transportation and storage of liquefied gases, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied biogas (LBG) and liquid nitrogen (LIN).

E.ON Biofor Sverige AB is an E.ON company in charge of building and operating biogas and natural gas filling stations in Sweden.

(This article compiled using information from a Liquiline AS press release)

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