LIQAL to Build Third LNG Fuel Station in Belgium; Joins NGVA Europe

| The Netherlands, Breda

LIQAL Joins NGVA Europe 2017Breda based LIQAL has been awarded a contract by Tankterminal N.V. (Begoos Group) for the design and turnkey supply of an LNG refuelling station for trucks in Lokeren, Belgium. Tankterminal N.V. owns and operates tankcleaning facilities, including truck fuel stations in Lokeren, Ghent and (at Unidet N.V.) in Meer, where diesel and AdBlue are currently offered to transport companies.

LIQAL became a member of the European Natural Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA), thereby becoming an Associate Member of NGV Global. NGVA Europe represents the leading companies and associations that are involved in the business for natural gas and renewable biogas as a transportation fuel.

Because LNG is considered as the most promising replacement fuel for diesel in heavy duty transportation, Tankterminal decided to invest in an installation to supply LNG at the truck lanes of its Lokeren site. This site is strategically located alongside highway E17, the main corridor between The Netherlands and France through the highways A16-E19 (Rotterdam-Antwerp) and A1-E17 (Paris-Lille-Ghent).

The LNG fuel station will be equipped with a seventy three cubic meter (73m3) storage capacity, ‘on the fly’ saturation and, initially, two LIQAL MID LNG dispensers with patented heated and purged nozzle docking bay. This multi-card LNG fuel station is designed for in total four LNG dispensers and to sell CNG in the future. The company’s LNG stations are designed for controlled conditioning and unlimited holding time of LNG,  zero product loss and zero methane emissions

LIQAL fitted its ‘Micro Liquefaction’ technology in its design. This ensures unlimited holding time of LNG without the use of liquid nitrogen (N2), and enables Tankterminal to provide end-users with cold as well as saturated LNG and effectively serve all truck brands that are available on the market.

Olivier Willekens, Business Development Manager at Tankterminal N.V.: ”We selected LIQAL as our partner because of its hands-on experience in the small-scale LNG industry, its intelligent solutions and they proved to be capable in assisting us in all aspects that are involved in development, realisation and operation of a state-of-the-art LNG fuel station”.

Jorg Raven, CEO at LIQAL, said: “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to cooperate with Tankterminal N.V. and, together with other stations that we have in preparation, get a firm foothold in Belgium.”

The station in Lokeren will be commissioned by the end of 2017. After commissioning, LIQAL will be responsible for technical operation and maintenance of the system.

LIQAL delivers complete filling stations for delivering LNG as fuel to buses, trucks, ships or trains, a fully certified LNG dispenser line and LNG satellite plants for industrial applications.

Source: LIQAL

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