Limpens Buys Volvo FH LNG trucks for Sustainable Operations

| The Netherlands: Elsloo | Source: Volvo

Limpens of Elsloo Volvo FH460 gas-powered fleetLimpens Elsloo, a Netherlands logistics operating servicing much of Western Europe, has purchased four Volvo FH 460 LNG 4×2 tractors, taking a step towards sustainable fleet operations. The trucks, supplied by Volvo Trucks dealer Nebim in Elsloo, Limburg, are used for international bulk and tank transport.

Limpens is a full-service logistics service provider that specializes in international bulk, tank and ADR transport. The company transports powders, granulates, liquids and liquefied gases in North-West and Southern Europe. Limpens places great importance on responsible and sustainable business. “Volvo LNG trucks fit in perfectly with this because these trucks emit 20 percent less CO2 than diesel vehicles,” says manager Thijs Limpens.

“All the preconditions have now been met for us’, Limpens added. “There are now also LNG stations in Maasmechelen and Herstal, so we are assured that we can refuel in the vicinity of our home location. Furthermore, it is attractive to us that there is no need to pay Maut* for LNG trucks in Germany. Altogether it is to us now very interesting to drive with Volvo LNG trucks, which we take another step towards our ultimate goal: working CO2 neutral.”

Limpens of Elsloo Volvo FH460 gas-powered fleet


Safety is an important issue at Limpens when configuring trucks. That is why the trucks are equipped with comprehensive safety functions in addition to the legally required systems, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Driver Alert Support and Lane Keeping Support. “The fact that Volvo Trucks is at the forefront of this is also a factor in the choice for Volvo. More than 100 drivers are on the road every day and we owe it to them to ensure that they can do their job as safely as possible. This also applies to our customers. She must be able to rely on goods being transported safely. ”


The Volvo LNG trucks were supplied by Volvo Trucks dealer Nebim in Elsloo. The Limpens fleet consists of around one hundred trucks, of which 53 are Volvo FHs.

* Germany’s LKW-Maut is a toll for goods vehicles based on the distance driven in kilometres, the emission category of the vehicle and the number of axles.

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