Lidl Moving to LNG-fuelled Logistics in Switzerland

| Switzerland: Weinfelden / Kerzers

Lidl Schweiz IVECO LNGTogether with international transport and logistics service provider Krummen Kerzers AG, Lidl Switzerland is taking steps to ban diesel combustion engines in Swiss logistics by enabling the introduction of the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles in Switzerland. The companies will jointly finance and operate the necessary infrastructure.

Lidl says LNG vehicles are a useful bridge solution for a more sustainable future. They emit 10-15% less CO2, 35% less nitrogen oxides, 50% less noise and 95% less particulate matter compared to diesel vehicles. Yet despite market readiness and deployment in the surrounding European countries, there is still no LNG infrastructure in Switzerland and therefore no LNG vehicles.

Lidl Switzerland, together with Krummen Kerzers, are acting to change that situation, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability which is a central component of the corporate strategy for both companies. They will commission both the first filling station infrastructure in Switzerland and the first LNG vehicles. The station will also be open to the public.

“Such vehicles are cleaner and quieter than diesel vehicles and give us the opportunity to do something for our environment right away. Until mature technologies for fossil-free logistics exist, we do not want to remain inactive, but use the most appropriate technology and promote it,” said Alessandro Wolf, Chief Operating Officer at Lidl Switzerland.

“Thanks to the active support of Lidl Switzerland, we can already put our vision into practice in the first half of 2019. We will commission Switzerland’s first LNG vehicles and thereby significantly reduce CO2 emissions and air pollutants,” said Peter Krummen, CEO of Krummen Kerzers, about the cooperation with Lidl Switzerland.

Mathias Bürgi, Managing Director of Swiss Climate, comments: “Lidl Switzerland has once again demonstrated its pioneering and innovative spirit by choosing the transition technology LNG as the holder of the Swiss Climate CO2 Label and the Lean & Green Award. Lidl thus emphasizes the consistent pursuit of its reduction targets, creates further scope for CO2 reduction and additionally contributes to the reduction of air pollutants and noise in cities and agglomerations.”

In cooperation with its partners, Lidl Switzerland will hold its first project presentation in Weinfelden on August 15, 2018. Among other things, an Iveco demo LNG vehicle will be presented on site, whereby interested logistics companies, shippers or even dealers are welcome to inspect.

Sources: Lidl Schweiz and Krummen Kerzers AG

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