Liaoning’s Gasification Includes CNG Refueling

| China, Liaoning | Source: Fushun News

The province of Liaoning, located in China’s northeast and bordering North Korea, is planning to build 40-50 compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling stations in a bid to clean up its air, reports Fushun News. The plan is just one stage of the gasification of the whole region, which will see 3000 kms of gas pipeline built from the western gas source of Qinhuangdao and from LNG imports through Dalian, the two branches supplying the region and connecting at the capital city of Shenyang. Pipework is expected to be completed by late this year, at which stageĀ  8-10 natural gas mother stations will be constructed from which the proposed fuelling stations will be fed.

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