Largest UK CNG Filling Station to Open in Crewe

| United Kingdom, Crewe
Bio-CNG filling station, Crewe UK

Bio-CNG filling station, Crewe UK

The United Kingdom’s largest Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling station will open next week (March 8th) in Crewe, in England’s northwest. Attended by MP Edward Timpson, this event will also host a large collection of CNG trucks and vans, with trucks from a number of manufacturers, including Mercedes Benz, DAF and Volvo and vans from VW, Mercedes and Iveco.

Both natural gas CNG and renewable CNG (also known as bio-CNG or biomethane) are now available in Crewe, with a cost per mile saving of 30% – 40% compared to diesel. The combination of biomethane and the new gas vehicles that are now available in the UK, means that saving of up to 80% in terms of overall ‘well to wheel’ CO2 emissions is possible. For trucks, buses and vans running on 100% natural gas, a carbon neutral option is available, with the UK now able to follow a model that has been successful in Sweden.

Crewe CNG - refuelling a dual-fuel truck.CNG Services Ltd MD, John Baldwin said, “with significant volumes of biomethane now being injected into the UK gas grid and huge growth forecast over the next three years, the time is right to switch to bio-CNG as a fuel for vans, trucks and buses. The £10 billion UK gas grid allows this carbon neutral fuel to be delivered directly to distribution depots and stations like Crewe. The UK can aim to shift its trucks, buses and vans onto Bio-CNG by 2030, meeting our renewable targets and at the same time removing the air pollution from diesel vehicles.”

CNG Services Ltd owns and operates the CNG filling station off Weston Road, Crewe. The station is open 24 hours a day. Located just 10 minutes from Junction 16 of the M6, the filling station has the capacity to fill more than 500 dual-fuel tractor units per day. The fast-fill system enables the filling of vehicles at both 200 bar and 250 bar. There are 2 compressors and 3 fast-fill hoses which, coupled with 3,850kg of CNG storage, means a highly reliable CNG supply is available.

(Source: CNG Services)

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