Landi Renzo USA Teams with Leggett and Platt to Produce CNG Ford Vans

| USA, Torrance CA

“Natural gas vehicles make economic sense.” John Fischer, VP for L&P CVP

Leggett & Platt Commercial Vehicle Products (L&P CVP), a Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) of Ford vehicles in the USA, will install Landi Renzo alternative fuel systems at its Ford ship-thru facility in Elyria, Ohio, in a new strategic partnership that will see more natural gas vehicle (NGV) choices available for fleet operators and vehicle owners striving to limit exposure to soaring fuel prices. The CNG Ford vans produced by L&P CVP meet strict SULEV emission requirements.

Andrea Landi, President of Landi Renzo USA commented, “Landi Renzo is proud to be partnering with Leggett & Platt to bring cost-effective and efficient CNG upfits to the U.S. fleet market. Their long history of innovation, high-quality standards and process management capabilities make them an ideal partner.”

L&P CVP will offer three and four tank options for installation on Ford’s E-250 and E-350 Cargo and Passenger Vans. The 21 and 27 gasoline-gallon-equivalent tanks are part of a system that complies with the Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standards and Regulations, is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and is 50-state compliant through the California Air Resources Board. The L&P CVP/Landi Renzo CNG conversion system allows NGVs to perform just like gasoline vehicles, can be serviced by local dealers, and will be backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Landi Renzo says the vehicles will be utilizing an alternative fuel that offers significant advantages over gasoline. With latest studies estimating a U.S. supply of natural gas that will last more than a century, CNG’s per-gallon equivalent is 30% less expensive than gasoline. As oil prices continue to increase due to diminishing supply, CNG prices face no such threat. In many areas of the country there is already infrastructure in place to effectively operate NGVs and more public-access fueling stations are becoming readily available.

“To increase their efficiency, our customers have asked for alternative fuel options for their fleets and natural gas vehicles make economic sense,” said John Fischer, VP New Business and Product Development for L&P CVP, says that customers seeking alternative fuel options for increased efficient. “We also strived to make the conversion process seamless. Simply check the option code on the vehicle order form to route the vehicle through our alternative fuel ship-thru and have the vehicle delivered anywhere in the country. The CNG conversion adds no significant time to the process,” continued Fischer.

This item compiled using information from a Landi Renzo USA press release.

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