Kenworth Woos Editors with Natural Gas

| USA, Mt Vernon WA | Source: Fleet Owner
Kenworth T800 LNG

Kenworth T800 LNG

Kenworth Truck Co., a PACCAR company and manufacturer of heavy duty vehicles, recently hosted a “Green Editor” event at the Paccar Technical Center in Mount Vernon, WA, reports Fleet Owner. Together with representatives from Westport HD, a natural gas engine manufacturer, the company discussed the benefits of utilising natural gas fuelled vehicles for HD transportation and provided opportunity for editors to learn more about the latest technology available, even putting editors behind the wheel for hands-on experience.

Kenworth currently offers four natural gas-powered trucks. Available for test-driving on the day was a T800 day cab tractor powered by a 485 hp. Westport GX15 LNG engine and a T440 day cab tractor powered by a 320 hp. Cummins Westport ISL G, in addition to comparable hybrid diesel-electric and diesel-powered trucks, the report said.

Andy Douglas, Kenworth’s national sales manager, told Fleet Owner, “Natural gas pricing has decoupled from oil pricing. We are producing more than we can use, so transportation represents a good emerging market for natural gas producers. We have also had many real-world successes with natural gas in fleet operations, and it shares 80 to 90% of diesel engine technology, so it is not really shifting the paradigm that much. It works in our world.”

Mills explained the fuel usage in Westport HD engines is about 5% diesel to 95% natural gas, but trucks using even such a small amount of diesel fuel must also make use of SCR (selective catalytic reduction) to meet engine emission standards. By using SCR aftertreatment, the engine achieves up to 5% improved fuel efficiency over engines without it.

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