KamAZ Bi-fuel Trucks for Trans-Russia Transport

| Russia: Naberezhnye Chelny

KAMAZ-5490-87 (S5) NEO (Gas-Diesel)KamAZ Leasing has financed the purchase of bi-fuel (natural gas/diesel) trucks for a large Yaroslavl freight forwarding company, Rostov Transport Company LLC, for the transportation of goods across Russia. The term of the lease is five years.

KamAZ-5490-S5 (Euro V standard) are the Russian manufacturer’s newest gas-diesel vehicles. They match diesel powered vehicles for power and can reduce the cost of transportation due to a lower consumption of diesel fuel and less damage to the environment. Each vehicle is equipped with four gas cylinders each of 80 litres.

The main advantages of using a bi-fuel (diesel-gas) engine power system are:

  • Increased economic efficiency of replacing diesel fuel with gas in a ratio of 60/40 gives a total savings in money up to 21%, or up to 500,000 rubles (approx. USD 8,ooo) per year over 200,000 km;
  • Virtually eliminating particulate matter;
  • Increased engine life – less combustion deposits on the piston group;
  • Preservation of all power characteristics of the engine; and
  • When the gas supply is cut off, the machine remains fully operational in the diesel mode – its characteristics do not differ from conventional diesel analogs.

Source: JSC Leasing Company KAMAZ

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