KAMAZ and GAZPROM Cooperate for NGV Expansion in Russia

| Russia, Moscow

KAMAZ at Bryansk OblastResulting in large part from an agreement reached in May last year to work together to stimulate development of Russia’s natural gas vehicle (NGV) market, Gazprom has purchased more than one thousand NGVs including NEFAZ CNG buses from KAMAZ and plans the purchase of another 500 by the end of 2016. 

KAMAZ also reports it has made overtures to 22 Gazprom companies, of which six have expressed interest in the acquisition of NGVs for their fleets.

According to Sergei Kogogina, Director General of KAMAZ, work was carried out in all areas outlined in the 2015 agreement.

One of the strategies employed by KAMAZ is the modernisation and expansion of its natural gas engine technology and model range. To that end, a new component base has been developed using both foreign and local manufacturers. KAMAZ says that its NGV equipment with newly incorporated technology has subsequently undergone successful field trials and has been made available for pre-order by Gazprom since November last year.

(Source: KAMAZ)

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