Juárez in Mexico Adds 80 CNG RAM Patrol Vehicles

| H. Ayuntamiento de Juárez | Source: H. Ayuntamiento de Juárez
RAM CNG Vehicle for Juarez SSPM

RAM CNG Vehicle for Juarez SSPM

The Municipal Government of Juárez, a Mexican city that is unfortunately renowned for its seriously high murder rate, has moved to safeguard its citizens with vehicles powered by Compressed Natural Gas. The city has leased 400 new patrol units for the Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) fleet, eighty (20%) of which have been or are in the process of being converted to CNG.

The Municipal President Armando Cabada Alvídrez, led the ceremony marking the delivery of the patrol vehicles, of which 300 arrived in the city at the end of February and the other 100 in the first days of March. The order builds on the acquisition of new vehicles in 2017, including an unspecified number of CNG vehicles.

CNG Vehicles (with green cylinders) overview for Security in Juarez

CNG Vehicles (with green cylinders) will enhance security in Juarez.

Recognising the urgent need for reliable, modern vehicles, the Mayor commented: “Our commitment to security is unavoidable and is more consolidated now than ever, we must not wait for things to happen, we must make things happen.”

The city has entered into a 36-month lease agreement for the new four-door, RAM trucks manufactured by FCA Mexico and leased by Lumo Financiera del Centro.

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