J-W Power Company Announces Patent of CNG Technology

| USA, Dallas TX

J-W Power CNG Dispensing technologyJ-W Power Company has developed technology that significantly improves compressed natural gas (CNG) fill time at the dispenser. The design has now been protected under U.S. Patent No. 9,765,930 B2 “CNG Fueling System” dated Sept 19, 2017.

“If you are planning to build a CNG fueling station, J-W PowerFill Technology increases flow rates without increasing horsepower, significantly increases use of onsite storage, reduces starts and stops on equipment, and ultimately enhances the customer’s fueling experience,” stated James Barr, Vice President J-W Power Company. “We designed and built a CNG compressor package that can decrease fill times significantly by maximizing your on-site fuel storage by allowing the compressor to change the number of stages dynamically to utilize high pressure from storage to yield a higher flow rate.”

This technology is currently available in two models, J-W PowerFill and J-W PowerFill Lite. Both options are designed in a 4-stage/2- stage configuration. When filling storage, both package designs function in 4-stage mode. While a vehicle is fueling, the package automatically switches to 2-stages, increasing the flow rate up to 10x. Once the vehicle is full, the packages automatically switches back to 4-stage and fills storage. With traditional technology, storage is typically 30% usable, with J-W PowerFill Technology, over 70% usage can be achieved.

J-W Power Company’s experience having built over 4,000 natural gas compressor packages led to being an authority in the highly-engineered equipment design used in compressed natural gas (CNG) applications. in addition to CNG Refueling Equipment packages, the company provides customers with start-up, commissioning, station equipment installation assistance and contract maintenance services.

Source: J-W Power Company – a member of NGVAmerica. cng@jwenergy.com

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