Iveco Journeys with LNG to Land’s End

| United Kingdom, Basildon

Iveco Stralis NP demo in UKIveco is seeking is to build presence in the UK road transportation market, capturing attention by undertaking an iconic journey with the New Stralis NP. The truck completed the famous 837-mile journey from John O’Groats to Land’s End in April on a single fill of liquified natural gas (LNG), demonstrating its viability as a genuine alternative to diesel vehicles.

The New Stralis NP offers major benefits including ultra-low emissions, quieter operation and fuel costs which are around a third lower than diesel.

Iveco selected the route as the ultimate demonstration of range and versatility, with the New Stralis NP operating with a laden tri-axle trailer for the first 808 miles, only dropping the trailer at a truckstop in Redruth as the Land’s End Visitor Centre cannot accommodate 13.6m trailers.

Martin Flach, Alternative Fuels Director at Iveco, says: “The New Stralis NP covered the distance over two days with ease, across a mix of motorways and A roads – including many challenging climbs and steep descents. This was about demonstrating that gas-powered heavy trucks are no longer a niche product, but available for the volume market and ideally suited for UK operations.

“Thanks to our proven Natural Power technology, heavy truck fleets can take advantage of a simplified after-treatment system, meaning there’s no need for EGR, SCR, AdBlue or particulate filters. Plus, the reduced cost of natural gas versus diesel translates into a lower total cost of ownership, whilst the driving experience is now on a par with the latest generation diesel-powered trucks.”

The New Stralis NP was powered by an 8.7-litre Iveco Cursor 9 Natural Gas engine which delivers the same output of 400 hp and 1,700 Nm torque as its diesel equivalent, resulting in an excellent power-to-weight ratio, power density and quietness of operation.

Iveco offers an extensive range of gas-powered commercial vehicles in the UK, including New Stralis NP, Eurocargo Natural Power and Daily Natural Power – reinforcing its position as a partner for sustainable transport.

(Source: Iveco)

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