IVECO France Offers Purchase Parity for Eurocargo NP

| France: Trappes | Source: IVECO France

IVECO Eurocargo NPIVECO France has addressed the pricing disparity between the Eurocargo NP and Eurocargo diesel by ensuring both are available at the same price, achieved through re-configuring their product options and by taking into account available incentives. In this way, the transition to more ecological operations is supported.

In road freight transport where profit margins are tight, IVECO says the necessary ecological transition will only progress if its cost is controlled and if it can be based on a totally proven technology that is as efficient as diesel technology. For these reasons, IVECO France now offers the Eurocargo NP GNC 12 and 16 t with a powertrain warranty extended to 3 years and a range of high-performance maintenance and repair contracts ensuring a reduction of the TCO by nearly 7%.

This reduction in TCO is amplified by the introduction of the 6-speed manual gearbox to replace the 9-speed manual gearbox. This new transmission provides better ergonomics and lower fuel consumption while reducing the cost and weight of the vehicle.

In addition to these product and service advantages, there is also increased government support, which has increased the depreciation system for CNG vehicles from 3.5 to 16 t GVM to 160%. This system is completed by the freeze of the TCIPE (domestic consumption tax on energy products) on CNG at 7.5 cents per kg until 2022.

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Clean, quiet and agile: IVECO Eurocargo

Combining lower consumption, increased state aid and optimised service contracts delivers the ecological transition to the price of mid-range diesel.

With this offer, certified Piek Quiet Truck 71 dB(A) and Crit’Air 1 carriers can for the first time safely invest in medium-tonnage carriers and thus free themselves from current and future traffic constraints in the 15 Low Emission Zones as well as in the 25 “Respirable Cities” applying the Crit’air label, instead of choosing diesel.

The Eurocargo NP, rated Euro VI, emits 90% less NO2, 99% less particulate matter and up to 95% less CO2 than a comparable Euro VI diesel truck thanks to bioGNC (renewable natural gas).

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