Italy Updates Alt-Fuel Incentives for Road Freight Sector

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Italy’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) gazetted on August 1st two decrees relating to alternative-fuelled road transportation: Decree No. 305 (20 June 2017) promulgating 2017 investment incentives for the road transport sector and the Implementing Decree (17 July 2017). 

They concern mechanisms for allocation of financial resources to incentivise cleaner road transportation and associated application arrangements and updates incentives set in 2016.

Breakdown of resources and types of investment

Total available funding of € 35,950,177 million (nearly USD 43 million) is distributable, of which the following applies to haulage vehicles powered by natural gas:

  • € 10.5 million for the purchase, including through financial leasing, of new factory production vehicles used for the carriage of bulk goods at full load of 3.5 tonnes or more, with an alternative to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and electric traction as well as the acquisition of suitable devices for the conversion of vehicles from thermal to electric traction;
  • € 10 million for the purchase of new Euro VI vehicles of a total mass of at least 11.5 tonnes full load, with simultaneous de-registration for scrapping of similar mass vehicles of lower Euro class.

Contributions are available up to the amount of resources available for each type of investment; in the event that resources are not sufficient, MIT will proceed to a proportional reduction of the contributions between the undertakings which are eligible for assistance.

The total sum made available for 2017 allocations is approximately € 10 million more than was available last year, which was oversubscribed. Also, the maximum admissible amount of contributions per single enterprise is now set at € 700,000 (USD 830,000), an increase of € 100,000 over 2016.

Assets acquired through ministerial incentives are subject to the bond of ineligibility until December 31, 2019, subject to the cancellation of the contribution disbursed.

Amount of incentive for natural gas vehicles

Investments are only funded if they are launched after August 2, 2017 and are completed by April 15, 2018.

  • New CNG-powered heavy-duty industrial bulk carriers with a full load of 3.5 tonnes or up to 7 tonnes — € 4,000;
  • New heavy-duty industrial bulk carriers with a full load of 7 tonnes or more powered by CNG — € 8,000;
  • New heavy-duty industrial bulk carriers with a full load of 7 tonnes or more powered by LNG — € 20,000.

Incentives are also available for trailers and semitrailers for non-breaking loads combined with rail and/or marine transportation, for example, for the movement of perishable goods.

Terms and Conditions for Incentives

The procedures for demonstrating the requirements and how to submit applications are contained in the Implementation Decree of 17 July. Go to MIT’s webpage on Road Transport – Contributions and incentives for the year 2017 – Training and Investments.

The Official Gazzette of Decree 20 June is available from

Only one application for a company registered in the Italian Register and/or REN is allowed, exclusively via the e-government portal, by registration at

Source: MIT

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