Italy Continues Conversion Incentives for Natural Gas Vehicles

| Italy

Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development (Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico or MSE) has continued the program for the  conversion of motor vehicles to natural gas and LPG into 2011, through MSE incentives via specialised workshops and dealers. The amount of the contribution is € 500 for conversion to LPG and 650 € for the natural gas (approx USD 700 and USD 900 respectively), made available from 9th March.

Conversion prices for cars range from € 1,400.00 for vehicles with carburetors to € 2,400.00 for vehicles with sequential injection systems.

Ecogas is the association appointed to manage booking procedures and monitoring and control of contributions under a program agreed on with the MSE. Alexander Tramontano, President of Ecogas said, “The funds available for the year, confirmed by the Ministry of Economic Development, amounts to € 24,811,266 (USD 34.5 million). It ‘s the result of the remaining appropriations of the Structural Funds provided by L. 403/97 and the final monitoring on incentives MSE 2006/2010 conducted by Ecogas as representative of the Ministry of Economic Development for reservation management and monitoring.”

“MSE contributions will be detracted in the form of a discount directly in the invoice by the installer workshop or dealer,” explains Tramontano. “To obtain them, entitled persons should go to a participating workshop or dealership, which will take care of all the procedures involved, simply asking the beneficiary to display a few documents. A list of these documents is available at, under MSE Incentives (Incentivi MSE).”

Vehicles eligible for the incentives include category M1: “passenger transportation vehicles with a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver” and N1: “freight transport with a maximum weight of no more than 3.5 t” in any Euro category.

Vehicles purchased new from dealers already fitted with LPG or natural gas systems but not already approved for use with gas by the manufacturer are also eligible for conversion incentives.

The participating workshops agreed at the commencement of the scheme not to exceed a list of the maximum prices applicable for conversion to LPG or natural gas. These prices remain unchanged.

This article primarily compiled using information from an MSE press release.

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