Italian Security Firm Plans NGV Fleet

| Italy, Milan | Source: Sicurauto

Italy’s Sicuritalia Group Holding SpA, a surveillance and security company, and GE Capital Fleet Services, leasor of vehicles used by Sicuritalia, have entered into an agreement which aims to reduce the operating cost and pollutant emissions of the fleet, reports Sicurauto. Preliminary tests have commenced in Milan to determine whether a projected outcome of EUR 1500 (USD 2150) per vehicle per year reduction in operating costs can be achieved. Although too early to determine a result, Sicuritalia has already voiced intentions to replace 500 of its 900-strong diesel fleet vehicles with natural gas.

“If our expectations are met and the first tests give the positive results we expect, all our branches will have natural gas patrols, as we espouse more and more the importance of having a clean and habitable city,” said Lorenzo Manca, president and CEO of Sicuritalia.

The company cites the exponential growth in the prices of traditional fuels and the improved reliability of gas engines as reasons why natural gas vehicles are being considered.

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