Isuzu Sells Low-Cab-Forward Trucks Including CNG

| USA, Anaheim CA

Isuzu North America - 2014 NPR CNGIsuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc., distributor of low-cab-forward trucks, has delivered the 500,000th Isuzu-built truck since the Isuzu brand entered the North American market in 1984. Included in sales is an optional gasoline version capable of being converted to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) or propane. It is equipped with modified CNG/LPG compatible (hardened) valves.

Isuzu says it is the only manufacturer to offer, CNG/LPG-capable low-cab-forward trucks in North America. The CNG trucks were introduced in 2011. Vehicles are fitted with CNG technology by IMPCO.

With fuel savings of up to 40% and tailpipe pollution reduction of up to 80% the CNG powered Isuzu is aimed at the local delivery company, towing, landscaping, or maintanence fleet.

Isuzu explains the majority of the conversion system cost is associated with CNG fuel tanks, which have 20+ years life expectancy. After initial purchase, the CNG tanks can be transferred for use on future Isuzu trucks.

Isuzu has also gained a small following in Australia where it sells the NPR 300 and FSR models fitted for CNG operation. Toll IPEC ordered 42 Isuzu FSR 700 CNG trucks in 2012, at that time bringing the total number of Isuzu CNG trucks in Toll’s fleet to more than 70.

(Source: Isuzu)

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