Isuzu Large LNG Truck Demo and Filling Station Launch on June 1

| Japan: Osaka

Isuzu LNG truckIsuzu has confirmed it will begin full-fledged public road demonstration of its first large-scale LNG truck in Japan. In advance of the demonstration, the Japanese vehicle manufacturer will hold the opening ceremony of the LNG refueling station and the departure ceremony of the large LNG truck in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture on Friday, June 1.

The LNG truck and station have been developed as part of the Ministry of the Environment’s “Project for Strengthening CO2 Emission Reduction Measures-Induced Technology Development and Demonstration Project”. Under that project, the Ministry of the Environment Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has created the sub-project “Large LNG Truck and Development and Demonstration Project of Optimum Fuel Filling Infrastructure”.

Osaka Nanko LNG SS for Enex Fleet Co LtdThe vehicle is expected to have an operating range of 1,000 kms or more and will transit at high speed between Tokyo and Osaka under real operating conditions.

CO2 emissions are expected to be reduced by about 10% compared to the latest diesel heavy vehicle fuel efficiency standard. Several carriers are expected to attend the opening event and participate in the demonstration trials. The opening ceremony and departure ceremony has been organised by Enex Fleet Co., Ltd. and Isuzu Motors Co., Ltd.

Source: Isuzu Motors Limited

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