Israel Steps Up CNG Implementation Program

| Israel, Jerusalem

Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources, in cooperation with other ministries, is seeking support for the construction of compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling infrastructure. As an incentive for investment, it is offering grants of 1 million shekels (USD 250,000) per station to qualifying organizations, with the intent of establishing a network of 30 to 40 CNG stations within two years.

This is a further step to promoting Israel’s natural gas revolution and follows a development meeting with NGV Global and a U.S. Department of Energy delegation last September which provided guidance for the integration of CNG in the energy sector, especially as it applies to public transportation.

The creation of a CNG refueling network will also encourage the evolution of a natural gas vehicle market and enable the driving public to enjoy the benefits of a clean and cheaper alternative to conventional liquid fuel.

The Ministry is also offering a “safety net” mechanism that would give certainty to developers when they work with the sector in the initial construction stages. The grants will be provided as part of the government to encourage across-based transport natural gas and alternative fuels.

“The Ministry will continue to facilitate the transition of the state of Israel to cleaner energy, while removing obstacles faced by entrepreneurs”, said Energy Minister Dr. Yuval Steinitz.

(Source: Government of Israel)

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