Irish Retailer Chooses Euro VI Natural Gas Trucks for Spain

| Spain, Madrid
Primark distribution vehicle in Madrid (Image: Primark)

Image: Primark

Primark, the Dublin-based fashion retailer with outlets throughout Europe, has introduced lower-emission deliveries to its eight stores in the Community of Madrid. Through fleet operator Truck & Wheel, five Scania G Series trucks using natural gas fuel will change the transportation emission profile for Primark distribution in Spain to Euro VI.

The Scania trucks, employing 340 hp natural gas engines, reduce CO2 emissions by 15% compared to similar diesel vehicles, also reducing NOx emissions and particulate matter by 35% and 95% respectively.

According to online news source Logistica Profesional, Stephen Mullen, CEO of Primark for Spain and Portugal, says the company is working to reduce the environmental impact of its stores and logistics operations. “In addition to the introduction of natural gas trucks, we are also analyzing new ways to reduce mileage through efficient transportation planning,” he said.

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