Integra2 Introduces Its First ECO Trailer in Madrid

| Spain, Barcelona

Integra2 eco-trailerIntegra2, the Logista Group’s temperature-controlled transport distribution network, continues to invest in sustainable mobility with the introduction to its Madrid fleet of a tractor unit with a refrigerated trailer, powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

The new 8.7 litre Cursor 9 CNG engine reaches an output of 294Kw (400BHP), with similar performance and lower CO2 emissions than the Euro VI diesel version.  The fuel storage is provided by 8 x 115 litre gas cylinders located on both sides of the vehicle, which allow it to carry out medium-distance routes without any difficulty.

One of the advantages provided is that it does not require (AdBlue) fuel additives for the exhaust after-treatment system, because the engine complies with emission levels using a conventional 3-way catalyser.  The reliability and simplicity of the engine and the exhaust after-treatment system may reduce downtime due to periodic maintenance, by up to 45%.

Its introduction is part of the company’s Sustainability Policy, within which Integra2 is committed to the care and protection of the environment and climate. The company has introduced ECO distribution vehicles, including those powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), for delivery and pick up at Integra2 hubs in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

These vehicles have lower CO2 emission levels (by up to 15%), contributing to a reduction in the company’s carbon footprint and the fight against climate change. Furthermore, they reduce polluting emissions: by up to 99% for suspended particles and from 25% to 75% NOx, directly contributing to the improvement in air quality in our cities.

Integra2 guarantees traceability and maximum quality in all of their shipments and incorporate criteria for sustainability, and the protection of our cities’ environmental health, in the company’s strategy.  In addition, they provide information on the CO2 impact of every shipment made.


Integra2 is part of the Logista Group, a leading distributor of products and services to local retailers in Southern Europe.

Source: Logista

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