Indonesia Replaces Oil with CNG for Power Generation, NGVs on Site

| Indonesia, Muara Tawar
Galileo nanobox

A Galileo Nanobox® will refuel NGVs on site

The Indonesian state-owned electricity company PT PLN has opened a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Storage Facility in Muara Tawar, Bekasi, West Java, which is equipped with 16 Microbox® compressors supplied by Galileo. It is the biggest compression and storage facility built so far worldwide and will reduce the company’s oil use by more than 200,000 kilolitres. The facility includes a Galileo Nanobox® CNG compressor and dispenser installed to refuel PT PLN’s natural gas vehicle fleet in this location.

The installation of the Nanobox® is among the efforts of PT PLN to help reduce the company’s total usage of oil to 5 percent, compared to the current 12.3 percent, and increase the use of gas to 95 percent, from the 87.7 percent at present.

Galileo’s technology, originally designed for servicing NGVs, has shown it’s versatility by being applied to fuel a power station aimed to meet power demand of a big city such as Jakarta.

PT PLN’s subsidiary PLN Batam has just started to use two Microbox® MX4 CNG compressors and four EMC dispensers to work as a mother station of a CNG marine distribution system, whose first customer is the power generation plant of Bintan Island, in the Riau Islands Province, Indonesia.

This mother station is located in Panaran, Batam, Indonesia, and offers a flow rate of 2 x 3200 Sm3/h. On a daily basis, it will fill a 20 CNG tube skid that will allow for the replacement of the current power station fuel oil consumption, as well as savings worth 5 million dollars per year in power generation.

(Source: Galileo)

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