India Approves New Standard for Composite CNG Cylinders

| India

On January 12, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in New Delhi published a newly approved standard: Composite Cylinders for On-Board Storage of Compressed Natural gas (CNG) as a Fuel for Automotive Vehicle – Specification (IS 15935 : 2011).  The Standard was adopted after the draft finalized by the Gas Cylinders Sectional Committee had been approved by the mechanical Engineering Division Council.

Cylinders for the on-board storage of fuel for natural gas vehicle (NGV) service are required to be light-weight, at the same time maintaining or improving the level of safety currently existing for other pressure vessels.

The Standard specifies minimum requirements for serially produced light-weight, composite refillable gas cylinders intended for on-board storage of high pressure compressed natural gas (CNG) as a fuel for automotive vehicles. It covers the following types:

  • CNG 2: metal lined hoop wrapped composite cylinders
  • CNG 3: metal lined full wrapped composite cylinders
  • CNG 4: non-metal lined full wrapped composite cylinders

BIS acknowledges that “considerable assistance has been taken from” a number of ISO standards in drawing up this Standard.

Importantly, it notes cylinders manufactured according to its Standard will operate safely “if used in accordance with specified service conditions for the specified finite service life only. The expiry date is marked on each cylinder and it is the responsibility of the owner and user to ensure that cylinders are periodically tested as per norms laid down by statutory authorities”.

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