India Approves LNG as Road Transport Fuel

| India, New Delhi | Source: New Indian Express
Delhi Jaipur Highway

Delhi Jaipur Highway

Petronet LNG Limited, a New Delhi based major energy company and distributer of Liquefied Natural Gas, has reportedly entered into a pact with the Indian Government to establish LNG for transportation applications in the country following approval by the Ministry for Road, Transport and Highways for it to be used as a road fuel.

“We have given approval to LNG as an automobile fuel and now its standards would be defined by different Ministries,” Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said, according to a New Indian Express report.

Petronet set up the country’s first LNG receiving and regasification terminal at Dahej, Gujarat, a second at Kochi, Kerala and a third is in the pipeline, planned for Gangavaram, Andhra Pradesh.

The company has also recently entered into an agreement with the Inland Waterway Authority of India (IWAI), as announced by the Ministry of Shipping, to set up LNG stations along the inland waterways that will provide fuel for LNG-fueled barges. It will design, construct and operate LNG unloading, storage, bunkering and reloading facilities on the National Waterways (NW), and is preparing a detailed feasibility report for setting up LNG facilities at Haldia, Sahibganj, Patna and Ghazipur on NW-I (river Ganges). Up to 17.5 MT of cargo is expected to be transported on NW-1 by 2020.


After entering into a pact with Petronet LNG, the minister is reported as saying that soon LNG fuel pumps would be available across the country, describing LNG as “a clean and future fuel” which will be promoted for cleaner transportation.

Gadkari also explained the lower cost of this energy source will enable India to lower the cost of importing crdue oil, which peaked in August last year at 18.81 million metric tons (about 4.45 million barrels a day) of crude oil during the month, according to the oil ministry’s Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell.

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