Incheon Port Authority Selects Wärtsilä Dual-Fuel Engine for Guideship

| Finland, Helsinki

Wartsila 20DF engine

Wärtsilä Corporation has been contracted to supply a Tier III compliant dual-fuel engine for a Korean government Incheon Port Authority (IPA) Guideship. The Government of the Republic of Korea has specified environmental sustainability as a priority for this ship. The about 200 gross tonnage Guideship is to be designed and coordinated by the Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) in Korea on behalf of the state-owned Incheon Port Authority (IPA).

The in-line Wärtsilä 20DF dual-fuel engine with its 9 cylinders can operate on either natural gas or liquid fuel oils, and in gas mode is capable of meeting the most stringent emission regulations. Capable of up to 15 knots, the Guideship will operate in the port of Incheon and take onboard passengers for various routings.

“The IPA’s Guideship, which is a green ship, concept is tremendously important as it clearly represents an industry trend. We are very proud that Wärtsilä’s dual-fuel engine technology has been selected as the most suitable solution for this project and we are looking forward to getting much more orders for coastal vessels and environmental related markets. The fuel flexibility that our DF engines offer enables not only environmental sustainability, but fuel cost savings as well since these engines can operate on a wide range of fuels,” says Aaron Bresnahan, Vice President, Wärtsilä Ship Power, Specials.

Wärtsilä’s dual-fuel engine incorporates two separate fuel injection systems. When operating on gas, the electronically controlled common-rail pilot fuel injection system injects a very small amount of liquid fuel only. This makes it possible to conform to certain environmental restrictions that couldn’t be met when using conventional injection systems. The conventional system is used when the DF engine is operated on standard liquid marine fuels. The switch between fuels can be made automatically and without loss of power.

The order was placed with Wärtsilä in October 2011, and the ship is scheduled to be in operation in December 2012.

(This article compiled using information from a Wärtsilä Corporation press release)

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