IGU’S WGC2018 Focus on Transportation Fuel: Nine Weeks Away

| Egypt: Cairo and Spain: Barcelona

WGC 2018 - LogoThe International Gas Union concluded it’s last Executive Committee meeting prior to the World Gas Conference in Washington D.C. June 25-29th, in Cairo this week.  The meeting was hosted by IGU’s Charter Member from Egypt, the Egyptian Gas Association with support from Taqa Arabia, METAS, Cheiron and Delek. The meeting provided the opportunity to review and finalize the preparations for the World Gas Conference that will be held in Washington D.C. between 25-29 June 2018.

Under the expertise and guidance of the 1,000 industry specialists from around the world, IGU has expressed confidence that this global gas event represents the needs of the entire gas value chain. The dynamic and comprehensive program will address the latest innovations, technologies and challenges facing the industry, and promote the transformative role that natural gas can play in increasing energy access across the globe. This includes multiple sessions of relevance to the natural gas for transportation industry:

GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES IN THE TRANSPORTATION MARKET – moderated by Diego Goldin, NGV Global Executive Director

  • Key drivers and outlook for the growing use of CNG and LNG in road transportation
  • The future of light duty NGVs in key markets – The Middle East, South America, and Europe
  • Emissions targets: developments in the marine sector
  • What does the future hold for the increased use of natural gas in shipping fleets?
  • How does the lack of clear consistent and efficient regulatory frameworks act as a barrier to LNG marine deployment?
  • How do limits of infrastructure and practicality (e.g., weight of compression tanks and LNG’s handling challenges) affect the adoption of gas for transport?
  • The role of governments in expanding opportunities for natural gas use in transportation

INNOVATIONS IN NATURAL GAS VEHICLES AND FUELING INFRASTRUCTURE – moderated by Timothy Boyle, Director Of International Sales & Business Development, Angi Energy Systems LLC (an Associate Member of NGV Global)

This session will showcase the latest technologies and applications related to the transportation market including NGVs, vehicles, fueling systems, rail marine, heavy duty, off-road and other applications.

NATURAL GAS FOR TRANSPORT: DRIVING CLEAN MOBILITY FORWARD – moderated by Jeff Seisler, CEO, Clean Fuels Consulting and member of NGV Global’s Technical Group

Natural gas has a large current and potential high-growth market for gas transportation applications, ranging from domestic and fleet vehicles to rail, off-road, heavy duty, rail and marine applications. This session will explore the broad suite of offerings and applications for natural gas in transportation applications. It will be comprised of case studies of vehicle technology and applications, fueling and related  infrastructure, economics and environmental drivers.


The session aims to address new developments in small scale LNG and its associated value chains. It will present new projects, case studies and technology applications, including break-bulk projects, small scale LNG liquefaction & receiving projects and LNG bunkering.


The session will be used as a forum to educate attendees on the fast growing global renewable natural gas market. Presenters will share information relative to policy initiatives directly and indirectly driving project development, examples of successful projects, market forces, and hurdles to truly scaling the RNG sector.


  • The role of gas in supporting the growth of renewable energy
  • Integration challenges and incentives for the gas industry working with the renewables sector
  • The role of natural gas infrastructure in providing storage for excess renewable generation
  • What market mechanisms are needed to ensure that gas infrastructure can support renewable energy?
  • Will the combination of renewables and battery storage replace the need for natural gas peaking plants?
  • How can increased government investment in clean energy in the form of subsidies, loan assistance, and R&D impact the use of natural gas?


This session will focus on case studies demonstrating a variety of technologies implemented successfully to drive low cost methane emissions reductions in upstream, midstream, transmission, storage, LNG and distribution segments. The session will also include case studies demonstrating the application of current technologies to reduce uncertainty in methane emissions measurement.

Natural Gas in both fossil and renewable forms as a fuel for transportation are not just restricted to the above topics. The full program is available online.


Of course there are the bigger questions to be debated, including but not limited to:

  • How are regulations in the transport sector impacting on the reduction of CO2 emissions?
  • How does using natural gas as a vehicle fuel reduce emissions of harmful pollutants and improve urban air quality?
  • How will the development of a regional LNG trade supersede the need for pipelines?
  • What are the political, social, regulatory and financial barriers expanding gas use in the most promising markets?
  • What governmental and regulatory systems are needed to develop economically viable transmission and distribution systems?
  • Improving public awareness on the benefits of natural gas
Nine Weeks Until WGC2018

The WGC2018 website — wgc2018.com — lists the names of approximately 500+ Industry Insights and Technical & Innovation Center speakers who have been carefully selected by the IGU Committees. These expert speakers represent the best of what the global gas industry has to offer, addressing the most current and business critical issues facing the industry. If you haven’t registered yet then please visit the website where you will also find hotel and visa information to help you plan your visit to Washington DC.

June 25 – 29, 2018 at Washington DC


Source: IGU

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