IGU Case Studies: Natural Gas – Cleaner Cities

| Spain, Barcelona

(Source: IGU)

“The use of natural gas as a fuel for both road and marine transport pioneered in Berlin and Rotterdam shows that the positive impact of natural gas goes well beyond the more well-known use as a fuel in power and heat generation.” — IGU Case Studies in Improving Urban Air Quality – New edition

The economic cost of air pollution is astronomical; its indiscriminate and widespread impact humanity has upscaled health issues, not just in cities, where it is most evident, but along highways, coasts and elsewhere. It has no regard for borders and pays scant heed to diminutive policies and selfish objectives. One solution on the path to addressing this global issue is the increased use of natural gas, says IGU, which has released a new edition of case studies depicting efforts to bring about change.

Of the case studies from four major European cities, each with unique and common issues, the IGU reports two have embraced natural gas fuel for transportation as a contributor to improved outcomes.


“Acknowledging natural gas as a “clean alternative” to diesel vehicles in transportation, the city’s plan envisions steps to support CNG vehicles with public sector vehicle purchases, reduced tolls for natural gas-powered trucks and a widespread communication campaign highlighting the benefits of natural gas vehicles, among other measures.”


The Port of Rotterdam is lowering emissions through the expanded use of LNG as a fuel for seagoing and inland waterway vessels, which in turn will reduce air pollution in Rotterdam and its neighbourhood. The report notes LNG-propelled vessels are already compliant with present and next-stage emissions standards.

For the full Case Study report go to www.igu.org/research-documents.

(Source: IGU)

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