IBIA to Engage in LNG Fuel Issues

The International Bunker Industry Association’s (IBIA) board has taken a formal decision to “become more closely engaged in LNG matters”. The move was announced at last week’s IBIA’s Annual Convention, held in Barcelona, by its acting chief executive Trevor Harrison. He told delegates that the association would become more involved in the ongoing discussions on LNG as a fuel at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The potential of LNG as a fuel for merchant ships received considerable attention at the convention. Several speakers referred to the issue while addressing industry concerns about the 2015 implementation of the 0.1% sulphur content cap in bunkers used within Emission Control Areas (ECAs). In addition one session was entirely devoted to the prospects for widespread use of LNG.

While there were some cautionary voices, the focus on LNG reflected IBIA’s considered view that now is the time for the bunker industry to become involved in the development of gas powered ships. IBIA board member Nigel Draffin is to work closely with the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO) to provide input into the development of IMO’s Code for Gas as Ship Fuel (IGF-Code).

A record breaking 170 delegates registered this year to take part in a packed programme spread out over three days.

(This article compiled using information from an IBIA press release)

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