Hyundai Closer to Manufacturing Presence in Mexico; Launches CNG Truck

| Mexico | Source: T21

Hyundai HD120 now in Mexico with CNG

Mexico is moving toward in-country manufacture of Hyundai light trucks, reports T21.  Plans are said to be well advanced with four state governments contesting for location, according to Raul Hernandez Kim, commercial director of Hyundai Truck and Buses in Mexico. Meanwhile, Hyundai has reportedly introduced the compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered HD120 truck to the Mexican marketplace.

The Class 7 truck (greater than 11 mi 968 l793 to 14 000 kg gross vehicle weight), cab over engine with 195 horsepower (hp) and 375 lb / ft of torque (lb / ft), manual transmission, air brakes and ABS, with wheelbase of 4.20 meters and 13 tons of GVW, is primarily aimed at logistics transport providers. Four major goods distributors will undertake tests with the HD120 CNG.

Hyundai is apparently backing the product with a commitment to finance the installation of a gas refuelling plant on the premises of any customer acquiring more than 30 units.

Mexico City recently introduced 30 11-meter Hyundai CNG buses to its public transportation service. Plans reportedly exist for expanding the CNG fleet to 250 vehicles.

Fuel cost for CNG is currently about 56% compared with diesel. Companies that install their own refuelling facility are expected to significantly improve upon that differential.

The new manufacturing plant is expected to open export opportunities to Central and Southern America, home to well established natural gas vehicle markets.

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