Hyderabad Shifts to NGVs to Overcome Pollution

| India, Hyderabad | Source: Times of India

Hyberabad will have 350 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses on its city roads on April 15 this year, says Bhure Lal, Chairman of the Environment Pollution (Prevention & Control) Control Authority (EPCA), in a Times of India report. Additionally the city will get 14 gas filling stations to ensure smooth functioning of this fleet. Lal reportedly said that an immediate shift to CNG from diesel and petrol along with a strong Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) was necessary to address the pollution woes of the city.

Lal also said that CNG supplier Bhagyanagar Gas Limited (BGL) had been tasked to deliver gas to all parts of the city within two-and-half-years, to provide the infrastructure for increasing the number of filling stations and to support the growing number of natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

He emphasised the adoption of safe implementation measures for conversion of vehicles, including buses, three and four-wheelers, to CNG.

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