Hungarian Bus Company Testing LAZ CNG Bus for 2013 Operations

| Hungary, Baja | Source: Napi Gazdaságnak

LAZ low-floor CNG-powered bus

Ukranian bus company LAZ has commenced testing of a compressed natural gas (CNG) powered bus in Baja, Hungary, for Orangeways Dél-Alföld, Ltd. Orangeways is planning to replace its current fleet of nine buses operating out of Baja with the low-floor CNG buses early next year, reports Hungary’s Napi Gazdaságnak (Daily Economic). The new buses are reported to be 30-40% more economical to operate while reducing CO2 emissions by 25%. Fifty long-distance buses operating out of Dombóvár and Tamási may also be replaced with the LAZ CNG buses at a later stage, subject in part to improved availability of refueling infrastructure.

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