Home Refueller Commences Field Tests in Australia

| Australia, Melbourne
OES Home-fuelling appliance

6m3/hr CNG@HOME unit with the internal storage (2 x 40 litre cylinders).

OES CNG, based in Melbourne, Australia has designed a range of compressed natural gas (CNG) home refuelling units capable of delivering 3000 or 3600 psi, drawing natural gas from the home supply. First field test units have been installed and the company expects to have the CNG refuelling unit approved as a domestic appliance in the second half of 2011.

Kevin Black, CEO of OES CNG said in a response to NGV Global News and Fleets and Fuels: “We have designed the control system so that it can fill directly to a vehicle (at either pressure), or if a 3000psi fill is required, it can fill a small storage bank (either internal or external) to 3600psi for a partial fast fill to 3000psi.  It is designed primarily for outside use.” Refuelling a car in a home setting will take approximately 3 hours due to the low pressure supply.

Black went on to explain that the innovative part of the OES CNG system is that the unit is driven via an inverter and a 12V DC brushless motor.  This allows for a very low current draw, so that a 6m3/hr (1.75gge/hr) system can operate off a standard domestic power outlet.

The company is developing a range of domestic and commercial units using the same technology with capacities of 10m3/hr, 15m3/hr, and 25m3/hr.  Release of these units is scheduled for the first half of 2012.

In  a recent article carried by Gas Today, Kevin Black explained that home refuellers provide a cost-effective way of building up the initial market for CNG vehicles in Australia, at the same time protecting motorists from the volatility of petrol, diesel and LPG prices. “Most original equipment manufacturers have CNG models in their range overseas, and we hope that as we roll out the refuelling infrastructure and the home refuellers, they will begin to add CNG models to their Australian range,”  Black said.

OES CNG is a division of OES and associated company Oil & Gas Engineers Lincoln Consulting.

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